Lake People G103-S MKII

The Lake People Phone-Amp G103-S MKII is a stereo headphone amplifier for recording and livesound. Different to most comparable models the overall gain may be altered with the aid of internal jumpers to better match specific headphone characteristics. Due to this technique, this headphone amplifier is able to drive nearly all existing headphones from 8 … 600 ohms load impedance.

Because of its noise- and THD-optimized circuitry layout, G103-S MKII covers high quality demands.

In spite of its compact dimensions, G103-S MKII offers optimum flexibility and high power. Reliability even under rough or improper handling conditions has been another important goal of development. Thus, the unit is absolutely long-term short-circuit proof.

In addition, the G103-S MKII is equipped with filters to prevent overload by inaudibly low and high frequencies.

The case of G103-S MKII is made of black anodized aluminium, including the front- and back panels. This provides high mechanical stability and resistance against rough handling. The cases surfaces are providing excellent electrical conductivity for optimum EMC characteristics.

Mains is connected via a three-pin IEC/CEE socket and a matching three-wire mains cable with Central Europe-type mains connector. The mains cable may vary to fit the demands of different markets The unit is factory-set to a mains voltage of 230 V AC.

Mains voltage may vary between 190 and 250 without any effect on flawless operation. The built-in mains transformers provide the internal supply voltages of approx. +/- 25 V.

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  • Alps Poti with good synchronization and low crosstalk
  • Unbalanced inputs via RCA
  • powerful amplifier
  • Made in Germany
scope of delivery

1x Phone-Amp G103-S MKII
1x Power Chord
1x Manual

technical data
Item number: 1008210
dimensions 105 x 42 x 160 mm (BxHxT)
inputs / outputs 2 / 0 (unbal. RCA)
input impedance +6 dB
color black
housing Desktop
headphone Out 2 (1/4" jack, unbalanced)
signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) < -102 dBu
frequency range 10 Hz - 250 kHz (- 3dB)
crosstalk - 90 dB (1 kHz) / -70 dB (15 kHz)
amplifier channels 2
Lake People G103-S MKII
249.90EUR *

inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten

in stock