Even a product from one of our suppliers can sometimes need servicing. Our top priority is to get you the help you need quickly. Please take enough time to fill out the form thoroughly with as much detail as possible (fields marked * are required). This helps us isolate the problem and speeds up the repair process.

Please send your product to:


- Mogami

- IsoAcoustics

- micW

- Spear Labs

cma audio GmbH

Service Center

Münchener Str. 21

82131 Gauting


Tel:  +49 (89) 97880 3848

(Mo-Do 9:00h-16:00h)


- Lake People

- Violectric

- Niimbus

Lake People electronic GmbH

Cervice Center

Münchener Str. 21

82131 Gauting



When we receive your request, we’ll send you an email to confirm your servicing order. Please print your confirmation order and send it to us together with the product.

When we receive your servicing order, we will levy a service charge of €46.65 incl. VAT that covers the following: preparing an estimate of the likely costs, finding the source of the fault and testing the product’s functions. This does not include the shipping costs for returning the product to you. The service charge is payable even if it turns out that no specific fault can be found. If you decide to commission us to repair your product, the full amount of the service charge will be offset against the end price for the repairs.

We ask for your understanding that we can only process your order if a description of the fault is sent to us in printed form along with the product.


(If your product doesn’t have a serial number, please enter: 005)

Please give us detailed information about the product and exactly how it’s being used.

Please provide us with detailed information about the problem or issue.

(e.g. original packaging, power cable, manual, fitting accessories, case/bag etc.)

The fields marked with * are required.